the list

1. eat through entire sushi restaurant menu. (ERR-THANG.)
2. make regular blog posts & videos. (project maintain literacy.)
3. learn how to snowboard.
4. volunteer at mirai no mori.
5. go sky-diving.
6. climb mt. fuji and see the sunrise.
7. find and befriend Bambi.
8. visit the shrine in miyajima.
9. hanami in kyoto.
10. go to a major EDM festival.
11. go to hitachi seaside park.
12. go to sagano bamboo forest.
13. dress up like a maiko-san and fool tourists.
14. eat live octopus à l’oldboy in seoul.
15. experience japanese live music scene.
16. scuba-dive with white whale sharks in okinanawa.
17. learn how to surf and snorkel.
18. learn how to ride a bike and take a trip through the inaka.
19. go to the sapporo snow festival.
20. participate in my city’s nebuta festival.
21. go see the wisteria bloom in kawachi fuji gardens.
22. go to disney sea.
23. go to the ghibli museum and hug a totoro.
24. go to tokyo disney world while wearing Mickey ears for the entire trip.
25. collect an abundance of eccentric kitkat flavours.
26. send a new years card.
27. get a new years fortune told.
28. run with wild horses in mutsu.
29. befriend a Japanese tattoo artist and get inked.
30. plant some rice.
31. stay in a capsule hotel.
32. stay overnight in a ryokan in an onsen village.
33. experience the infamous Asian fangirl culture.
34. go to an anime convention.
35. snuggle with kitties in a cat cafe.
36. discover what ‘moe’ is.
37. experience otaku culture in akihabara.
38. eat takoyaki in Osaka.
39. pet a panda.
40. release a lantern at the Festival of Lights in chiang mai.
41. visit the shire in new zealand.
42. learn how to paddle board.
43. see the Taj Mahal.
44. cliff-dive.
45. run a marathon.
46. wear a yukata at a summer matsuri.
47. paraglide.
48. go to a Japanese wedding.
49. pet a Japanese moss ball.
50. suntan in Bali.


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